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Horse Racing in America

People have always been fascinated with horse racing. Horses are powerful, graceful and useful, and their partnership with humans continues to interest people the world over. Of course, all horse lovers like to think that €their€ horse is the strongest, fastest and best, so horse racing has been a matter of great interest ever since this partnership began.
It seems that horse racing began as early as 4500 BC in Central Asia. It was here that people first began to domesticate horses and work in partnership with them. Thanks to horses’ natural strength, speed and beauty, it didn’t take much for people to become quickly enthralled with the sport. Although horse racing began as a sport of royalty and knights, its draw has always been strong for the common man. For this reason, horse racing is a big business today. Betting on horses generates lots of income for the race tracks and owners of race horses. In most states, betting on horses is a legal gambling activity that is widely enjoyed and has increased steadily in popularity since its inception.
The most popular form of horse racing is thoroughbred racing. The reason for this is that thoroughbreds are tall, attractive, and exciting to watch as well as being strong and fast. They can trace their lineage back to the legendary horses of Arabia that are well-known for beauty, speed, endurance and intelligence. Thoroughbreds are specifically bred to run and a pure pedigree is of prime importance for a thoroughbred race horse.
Thoroughbred horse racing is a time honored tradition in the United States. Winning horses, such as Man O’ War, Seattle Slew, Secretariat, and Citation quickly attain hero status and become legends to be long-remembered, even by the most casual bettor. The biggest thoroughbred racing event in the US is the Kentucky Derby, closely followed by the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. If a horse can win all three of these important races in a year, s/he is termed a €Triple Crown€ winner. These winners are the equine equivalent of the quarterbacks of winning Super Bowl teams. It is a rare horse that can attain this status.
The universal appeal of horse racing can easily be attributed to the thrill of seeing €your€ horse win. We all have a soft spot for these beautiful, regal creatures. Seeing them in action quickens the blood. When you have chosen €your€ horse and put all your effort (and a lot of your cash) into hoping s/he will win, you can’t help but be excited and thrilled with the race, itself, and the outcome because, if €your€ horse wins, you are a winner!

Horse racing system – Things you need to know

Horse racing is a kind of sport that is now popularly known as a betting game. Some people are of the idea that one has to be a horse racing expert in order to be a winner.

Here are some of the important things you should take into consideration in making an effective horse racing betting system:

1. Distance
In a horse racing system the distance that will be run by the horse to reach the finishing point is a very important factor that you have to weigh up before you pick out the horse that you will lay a bet on. If the distance is short, the horse has only little time to show its most excellent performance. Conversely if the distance of the race is too long, there are quite a few chances like the horse might get exhanusted. Remember that the secure distance of the horse race lies between the range of 5 furlongs and not more than 3 miles.

2. Number of Runners
The number of runners is also a very crucial element that you should consider when betting using a horse racing system. A horse’s probability of winning is greatly affected by the number of contenders in a race. If the field is big, then obviously, it means there’s numerous runners who will compete in the horse racing sport. It is quite tough to choose which horse will do well in the race where there are so many runners who compete with each other.

3. The Kind of Ground
The condition of the ground plays an important role in determining the win factor of a horse and hence this particular point should not be ignored. Examine if the ground is soft or heavy. The smoothness or firmness is also crucial in the race.

4. When the Last Race was Run
The last race of the horse is yet another factor that you have to think about before you pick out your bet during a horse racing system. You must consider when the last time the horse have its race. It is rather tough to tell if the horse is in good shape or not during the time it has been unoccupied in the horse racing scene for a short duration. Preferably, a good bet is a horse whose last race was in the current season or at least 28 days ago.

5. Check the Horses Form
You will notice that there are letters C and D specified in the horses form. The letter C here depicts that the horse has been a winner over a particular track in the previous races while the letter D denotes that the horse has been a winner over the distance being run in the race. Therefore, whenever you find the letters C or D, in the horses form you should not think twice to bet on that horse, as this shows that they are good runners and can be picked while betting using a horse racing system.

6. Top Favorites
In a horse racing system, you can also consider those horses that are considered to be top favorites in the current season. Experts agree that there is always higher probability that these horses come first in the race. Therefore, check out some favorites and their records in the racing field. If they have 3/1 or less in the betting, then, that is an indication that they can be a good pick.